Important points

– When you have booked us for a bond clean, please ensure house is empty so we are free to work as efficiently as we can.

– Payment is required on same day

– We will not clean damaged, or broken items. i.e. cracked windows or walls etc

-Whilst we strive to achieve the highest quality service, Carpet Cleans are not stain removal services. As the condition and age of carpets vary, the complete removal of all stains cannot be guaranteed.

– If you are not present on site with us, please ensure you have arranged to leave all keys behind so we can access and clean all areas of your property

– We reserve the right to alter our initial quote: If the property is left in an unreasonable condition, or a condition that was not accurately explained over the phone, we reserve the right to alter the initial quote. If items are to be moved, we are happy to handle these tasks but will incorporate the costs involved with the initial quote. We will of course inform you if this is the case prior to commencing any work

– Please confirm your preferred method of payment when booking the job. At present we accept cashor bank transfers